Friday, February 20, 2015

News:Land governance and food security – new knowledge agenda launched

19 Feb 2015 
The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) and the Netherlands Academy on Land Governance (LANDac) have developed a knowledge agenda on land governance and food security. Two activities will be taken up in the coming months: a scoping study on the linkages between land governance and food security, and the development of a capacity building trajectory on the same issues.

Scoping study
LANDac has started a scoping study to gain insight into the complex linkages between land governance and food security. By focusing on the Dutch floriculture sector in four East African countries, the study will provide insights into land governance – policies and regulations governing the access to and use of land – and how this relates to food security, both directly and indirectly. While research has been carried out to evaluate the socio-economic and environmental impacts of these investments, there is a significant knowledge gap in the land governance arrangements around the investments and how the investments impact local food security. The assignment is being executed by Evans Kirigia (an external regional consultant) and LANDac researchers.

Capacity building trajectory
LANDac will also start the development of a capacity building trajectory on land governance and food security. The main component of this activity will be the curriculum development of three country-specific trajectories for policy makers, development practitioners and private sector stakeholders in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. The aim of these four-day capacity building trajectories is to provide participants and their organizations with the knowledge to deal with issues of land governance and food security in their countries. Four issues central to this objective include an increased understanding of the complex linkages between land governance and food security; offering practical tools for improvement; linking up experts in countries; and scaling up of individual capacities to organizational and societal level. A related output of the capacity building trajectory is the updating and expansion of the existing LANDac country factsheets on land governance and food security (2012).

Both activities will be closely coordinated. Findings and outcomes of the scoping study will feed into the capacity building trajectory. The study and the trajectory will be linked to ongoing LANDac activities, including the annual two-week summer course Land Governance for Development, knowledge dissemination activities and the upcoming LANDac International Conference in July 2015.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the scoping study or the capacity building trajectory, please contact the F&BKP Office: or the LANDac coordinator:

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP)

The F&BKP is one of the five Knowledge Platforms initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is an open and independent initiative where representatives from international networks and organizations of business, science, civil society and policy come together. The platform shares, critically reflects on, generates, deepens and improves (interdisciplinary) knowledge and feed practices and policies on food and nutrition security. They do so by identifying knowledge issues that are relevant now and in the future, by initiating action, learning and research, disseminating lessons learned and highlighting promising innovations that will contribute to local and global food and nutrition security. To start, the Platform has created a research agenda and prioritize knowledge themes, such as Food Wastage, Nutrition Security and Partnerships. Land governance has now been added to those themes.


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