Monday, February 16, 2015

News:Fighting graft is everybody's duty - Chief Justice

RWANDANS are urged to collectively fight corruption in the judiciary to ensure justice for all and fast track social economic development.

The call was made by the Chief Justice, Sam Rugege, during the closing of the anti-corruption week organised by the judiciary in Musanze District.

“Fighting corruption shouldn’t be the work of the Ombudsman Office alone. Although we know that the Ombudsman Office is charged with fighting the vice, that office cannot succeed alone; neither can the government institutions. It is a war to be fought by all of us and safeguard the national economy for our common good,” Rugege said.

Rugege said that while corruption was no longer rampant in the judiciary, it was important to make the public and those seeking justice aware it undermines justice and should be eliminated.
“This is a good week for us to remind the public and those seeking justice that corruption should be fought in the judiciary,” he advised.

“We encourage the public to report whenever you are asked to give a bribe; or when your neighbour gives/receives a bribe. We also keep the information confidential and offer full protection to whistleblowers”.

Rugege urged the public to use a toll free line (3670) to give information related to corruption.
The anti-corruption week sought to expedite and complete all corruption related cases brought before the courts.

The Judiciary spokesperson, Emmanuel Itamwa, said 60 such cases were filed in courts across the country and are expected to be concluded by the end of the week.
“Since 2005, at least 27 court staff, including registrars and judges, were implicated in corruption-related cases.

Appropriate measures were taken against them which involved termination of employment and prosecution,” he said
Transparency International (TI) Rwanda has commended the judiciary for reducing corruption involving its members.


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