Tuesday, February 10, 2015

News: Meeting to discuss the Research done on the increase of court fees and its consequences

Today on 05th February 2015, AJPRODHO – JUJUKIRWA organized a meeting to discuss about the research carried out about the increase of court fees and probable consequences to justice service delivery. The guest of honor was the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Busingye Johnston.
Minister of Justice and Attorney General explained to the participants that increasing court fees was being done even before depending on the value of money.  “Increasing court fees does not depend on the purchasing power capacity of the consumers of justice services. If you want to buy a shirt to wear, the price will not decrease or increase depending on the fact that you have money or not” Minister Busingye explained. “What Rwandans need to know is that justice has a price” He added. The Government invests money in all court procedures to make sure that everything is in place.
Minister Busingye Johnston emphasized that a vulnerable citizens is supported by Government and some of such legal aid mechanisms for poor people is that they are given legal aid support without paying anything.  At each District there is a legal advisor who is supposed to represent poor people in courts.  There are also other Non Government Organizations that represent vulnerable people in courts. This was done to assist poor citizens so that they can get chance in their court proceedings.
Minister took the opportunity to request all Rwandans that before deciding to go to court they should first seek for advice from legal advisors located at each District and respect the advice thereof. “If you become stubborn and refuse to respect the advices given by legal advisors and you proceed to courts, we will represent you if you are poor, but when you loose the case and requested to pay, your vulnerability will not work.  You will be requested to pay and you will do it” Minister emphasized. 

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