Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LandNet Rwanda Chapter Consultative Meeting on Land Lease and Land Taxation - 09.-10.02.2012

The Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) anticipates completing the land registration and issuance of title deeds by December 2013. These title deeds come with an obligation of the land owners to pay an annual land lease fee. Whereas this fee is paid by anyone with land ownership depending on the different land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, agricultural, mining and quarrying) as is provided for by article 68 of the Organic Land Law 08/2005 0f 14/07/2005 determining the use and management of land in Rwanda, it has become evident there is a confusion in the population between land lease and land taxation.

As contribution of Rwandan Civil Society, LandNet Rwanda Chapter hosted by Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD) is organizing a two day: 

Consultative meeting on Land Lease and Land Taxation,
on 09th and  10th February 2012, 
from 8.30 – 17.00 at Umubano Hotel in Kigali.

This consultative meeting is very important as land is the key area towards the achievement of economic poverty reduction and sustainable peace in Rwanda. Participants will be drawn from a wide representation in the country from decision makers to local leaders, grass roots community and Civil Society. Your input is highly valuable in these important discussions.

For more information please contact Deicole Gatanguliya, the LandNet Rwanda Chapter Programme Officer via email: deicoleg@risdrwanda.org  or phone: (+250) 788858280. 

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