Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Invitation - IHRB Roundtable on Land, Business and Human Rights in Kampala, 27.01.2012

The Institute for Human Rights and Business, invites to a roundtable discussion in Kampala, Uganda, on 27 January 2012, on land, business, and human rights. The event follows earlier convenings on this subject organized by the Institute in Manesar, India in June 2009, Bogota, Colombia in May 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa in November 2010 and Naivasha, Kenya in February 2011. 

Based on dialogue and recommendations from various stakeholders at previous convenings, the Institute has now developed a set of draft guidelines and a framework which addresses human rights abuses with regard to land and human rights, including processes before acquisition, during acquisition, and after operations have commenced and, if necessary, relocation and rehabilitation arranged, and compensation paid.  The roundtable in Kampala will bring together a group of participants from civil society and business to provide feedback on the draft guidance from a regional perspective with a view to finalising the draft and a report to be launched in September 2012. 

In the mean time, comments and feedback will be accepted until 29 February 2012. and should be sent to Interested participants should confirm their attendance via as soon as possible.

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