Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Times:Kaboneka tips farmers on land consolidation

Farmers have been urged to consolidate their land and adopt modern ways of farming to improve production.

The call was made on Tuesday by officials during the launch of farming Season B in Musanze District.

The launch was presided over by the Local Government and Social Affairs minister Francis Kaboneka and attended by hundreds of farmers in Muko Sector.

Kaboneka stressed the importance of land consolidation and improved seeds in modern farming.
“We are launching season B to show our support to farmers. We encourage them to consolidate their land and apply monoculture through selecting high quality seed varieties that can give them better yields,” said the minister.

Recently, maize and Irish potatoes farmers raised concerns over inadequate market for their produce.
Kaboneka challenged farmers to join efforts and work hard.
 He also reaffirmed government’s commitment to helping them get market for their produce.

Dr Tresphore Ndabamenye, the head of crop intensification at Rwanda Agriculture Board, said farmers are encouraged to grow bio-fortified beans which are rich in vitamins and are productive in hilly areas.

Jean d’Amour Ntakirutimana, a farmer in Muko Sector, welcomed the new seed variety, saying it will help them fight malnutrition among their children.
 “We are happy to get fortified seeds which will help in the fight against malnutrition among our children and improve the health of pregnant mothers,” Ntakirutimana said.

The new variety of seeds was distributed for free.

The Land Use Consolidation started in 2007 as part of Crop Intensification Programme (CIP).
It is geared toward increased food production to ensure national food security and self-sufficiency.

Through the programme, the government distributes fertilisers and improved seeds to farmers to help increase their production.


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