Monday, May 14, 2012

Musanze unveils master plan - The New Times, 14.05.2012

A state-of-the-art master plan for Musanze town, one of the biggest in the country and a major resort centre, will be implemented over the next 15 years.

 The district authorities presented the master plan to the Ministers of Local Government and Infrastructure, James Musoni and Albert Nsengiyumva respectively, investors and a cross-section of leaders from the village to the district level.

The new master would incorporate a residential zone, areas reserved for economic activities, administration, greening zones, protected area among others.

Musoni said that a cooperative spirit in the population coupled with a mindset change geared towards development would enable the area to realise its goals. 

“The secret to development lies in the mindset (change). We have to define what we want to do and the means of achieving that plan… we have to find solutions to our own problems,”’ Musoni said.

The Urban Sanitation Master Plan will for the next 15 years facilitate the systematic development of sanitation in Musanze town in solid waste management, sewage systems, storm, and water management.

The District Vice Mayor, Jerome Mugenzi, cited outstanding challenges in the town as increasing population in urban areas, poor road network in different residential zones, and the expropriation of residents in the congested suburb of Tete à Gauche, which requires a lot of money.

“Musanze town offers different opportunities to neighbouring countries such as Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, a good climate, hospitality and plots to all at cheaper prices,” Mugenzi added.

The master plan will involve rehabilitation of the town’s roads, orderly construction of houses, attracting investors and an awareness campaign to promote the master plan among the local community.

According to Mugenzi, the implementation process will be conducted in phases with the residential houses divided into categories that include lower, medium, and high class.

Musoni advised the provincial and district authorities to mobilise investors, partners and the private sector to invest in the town.

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