Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ILC Africa - New Africa Land Conflict Management Strategy developed

From 29th February to 2nd March 2012, the members of the land conflict thematic group of the International Land Coalition (ILC) Africa region held a consultative meeting in Stipp Hotels, Kigali, to develop a 3-year land conflict management strategy for Africa.

The initiative resulted from the ILC Africa Regional meeting held in Lomé in November 2010, where the development of a regional Land Conflict Strategy was identified as a priority, given the fact that land related conflicts are still a big challenge in Africa.

During the meeting, organized by the LandNet  Rwanda Chapter coordiantion agency -Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD) - also host of the ILC Africa Node and member of the thematic group on land conflict, participants clearly analysed the current land conflicts in the region and shared experiences on different existing land conflicts.

ILC members from different African sub-regions and with vast experience in dealing with land related conflicts, participated in this meeting: Aide et Action pour la Paix (AAP) from DRC and MBOSCUDA from Cameroon, represented the Central African sub-region, while RECONCILE and MACOFA from Kenya, APDH from Burundi and RISD from Rwanda represented the East African sub-region.

Among key common land related issues identified in this meeting, the lack of effective land administration systems and ineffective implementation of those systems was seen as major issue that can lead and catalyze land conflict. Having land reforms where there are not yet in place and effective implementation of existing policies, taking the involvement of all stake holders including communities and CSO into consideration in every step of implementation, was identified as best practice to be included in the joint strategy.

The meeting concluded that the draft 3-year strategy will be finalized and presented in the coming ILC Africa Steering Committee Meeting which is scheduled at the end of March in Kigali.This 3-year strategy will be then used to develop a comprehensive regional land conflict program for ILC Africa.

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