Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LandNet Rwanda Chapter input on the Land Sub-Sector EDPRS Self Assessment

LandNet Rwanda Chapter was consulted by the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) to give comments and observations to the draft version of the Land Sub-Sector EDPRS Self Assessment of the Land Thematic Working Group lead by Department of Lands and Mapping and DFID. Views from members were collected and joint feedback of the network was send to Didier  G. Sagashya (Deputy Director General Rwanda Natural Resources Authority, Lands and Mapping Department & Office of the Registrar of Land Titles).
First of all LandNet Rwanda Chapter welcomed the important mentioning of the Africa Land Policy framework and Guidelines (ALPFG) as one of the four strategic objectives in the Land sub-Sector Strategic Plan in the self assessment as well as the clear emphasize on the importance of including and involving all partners in the development of strategies and priorities towards sustainability and ownership.

But the network also stressed the special importance of civil society involvement in policy preparation, implementation and monitoring and reminded the Land Thematic Working Group that there is still room for effective engagement with partners, which is related to general capacity issues which have to be addressed.

LandNet Rwanda Chapter also requested more detailed information and questioned the idea of “monitoring CSO’s and NGO’s”  because of the “need to smoothen coordination of civil society activities” under MINICOFIN. LandNet Rwanda Chapter does not see the need to monitor civil society activities and questioned if MINICOFIN has the responsibility and the capacity to coordinate and monitor the work of civil society.

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